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Light blue Suck


Light blue Suck

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Close the mouth of any Little with this pacifier 👑 It is specially designed for use by adults 😍

With this pacifier dreamland can just come on ✨ It is made for use by Littles (Ageplayers in general) but also has some therapeutic properties 💭

There are indications that an adult pacifier can help with snoring, grinding teeth, restless sleep, tension in the jaw and even ADHD 😲

More about the product

  • Soother made especially for adults
  • Hard plastic shield and soft silicone nipple
  • The pacifier is 5 cm long and 3 cm wide
  • Counters snoring and grinding of teeth
  • Has a calming effect
  • Can relieve tension in the jaw
  • The shieldis 6.65 cm wide and 4.75 cm high
  • Long lasting but should be cleaned regularly


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