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Rectangular Pad MAXI


Rectangular Pad MAXI

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⚡ Insert💧 1,250 ml

Increase the nappy's suction power with an insert ☔ These inserts add over 1 liter to the capacity 😏

These pads have an adhesive strip and no foil, and are intended to be placed in the nappy before putting it on 🧷 These MAXI pads use a new generation of material (SAP) which maximizes absorbency and neutralizes odor 😳

More about the product

  • With self-adhesive strip
  • Intended for use with nappies
  • New generation of suction material (SAP)
  • Neutralizes odor and increases absorbency
  • Contributes to your "diaper bulge"
  • The inserts each measure 60 x 15 cm
  • One package contains 28 pcs.


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