Our prices have gone up a little bit

October 7, 2022

At Dalille, we do everything we can to deliver the best products of the highest quality and at the same time provide the best possible customer service to everyone who shops with us. It's something we're proud of and something we'd like to keep doing 😊

Since the costs of electricity and purchase prices from suppliers are very high at the moment, unfortunately we can no longer keep the prices down and we have therefore had to raise them a little bit ✨ However, we hope to be able to lower them again as soon as the current crisis is over is over, but until then the new prices apply ⭐

We hope for your understanding and thank you for your support! 💖

We are extra ready on the chat to answer any questions you may have, in connection with our products, prices, delivery times or anything else 💬

The new prices have come into force from 7 October 2022 📅

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