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Mix & Match Doublepack
Mix & Match Doublepack
Mix & Match Doublepack
Mix & Match Doublepack
Mix & Match Doublepack


Mix & Match Doublepack

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⚡ Double pack🧷 Motives + Simple💧 4,600 - 5,100 ml🧶 Plastic🩹 4 tapes

Now you can mix your diapers all by yourself 🎉 Mix Yourself The double pack has arrived! 😍

Our "Bland Selv Double Pack" is brilliant for those who are curious about new brands, want to try other sizes or try a diaper for the first time ever ✅ It's even smarter, because you can also order different sizes in the same double pack, so you can try your new nappy in several sizes if you are in doubt 🥳

All the diapers in the "Bland Selv Double Pack" have a plastic exterior and four tapes. Below you can see what the difference is between the different nappies:

More about Rearz Safari

  • Designed with jungle motifs
  • With plastic exterior and four tapes
  • High anti-leak walls and wetness indicator
  • Plastic "landing zone" (can be repositioned)
  • Suction power of up to 5,000 ml
  • Can be bought in whole packages here →

More about Crinklz Classic

More about BetterDry

Size Guide

Make and Model
Classic BetterDry
60 - 108 cm 75 - 110 cm 75 - 110 cm
66 - 120 cm 110 - 150 cm 110 - 150 cm
X-Large 82 - 145 cm 130 - 170 cm 130 - 170 cm


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